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FAK392-Too big to fail

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It’s not your local leader doing this

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They are paid to execute the plan though – or themselves be digitally executed.

Vaccine Passports are designed to soften us up for the mass rollout of Digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currencies and a Chinese-style Social Credit System in which anyone who challenges the billionaire-financed technocratic elite will be socially isolated and financially impoverished.

It is increasingly clear that we, even in Western “democracies” are being governed not by our elected representatives, but by a combination of permanent government agencies (the “deep state”)—which themselves are often funded in part by corporate interests, very large corporations, and NGOs, foundations, and other non-profits funded by a handful of billionaires.


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Who are the vaccine refusniks?

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Turns out they’re the affluent, the the vaccine damaged educated, and those that work in the medical industry and see first-hand what damage vaccines cause.

Now we’re seeing them being laid off in the Covax wars.

How will this all turn out?

What if doctors had to get every vaccine every year? Would they go for that schedule?

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