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Huge show – Rollo was ill (not covaids).

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smj — Today at 9:45 AM
Beevie needs to go get the quaxx and report back.

beevie — Today at 10:01 AM
big time

John le Bon — Today at 10:03 AM
It has kinda gone all over the shop over the past six hours but I think this will go down as an epic rick and rollo

smj — Today at 10:08 AM
The official number is 1 out of 100 if the pill is taken as directed.

beevie — Today at 10:11 AM
ah yes smj that means the pill is good
[10:11 AM]
vaxx bad pill good

smj — Today at 10:11 AM
The pill is not good.

beevie — Today at 10:11 AM
totally illogical
[10:11 AM]

smj — Today at 10:12 AM
Do you reckon the parents that claim that their children’s development changed right after a jab are liars?

beevie — Today at 10:13 AM
no dif subject

smj — Today at 10:14 AM
Same subject. It’s the jab and autism subject.
[10:15 AM]

beevie — Today at 10:16 AM
no dif subject learn to discern

smj — Today at 10:17 AM
Ok. I shall. You need to learn to drink and still make sense though.

Why oh why…

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4 thoughts on “FAC965-Mega Rick no Rollo

  1. watermanchris

    A couple of anecdotal stories to explain my position i.e. that vaccines and other injections ALWAYS cause harm it’s just the extent that varies. The “crooked” theory makes sense as to the mechanism but in my opinion the how is unimportant.

    I also think that artificial hormones and foreign substances that effect hormones are bad and should be avoided. I believe things like soy, BPA, and birth control have lead to the pussification of men and have significantly contributed to the homosexuality we see around us.

    Anecdote 1 -my cousin has had 2 children in the last 1.5 years and neither was vaccinated. That being said, his daughter (who was born first) was given a Vitamin K shot right after birth. One of his children has skin problems. The other is 100 percent healthy. Can you guess which is which? He thought – well, it’s just a vitamin, how much harm can it do?. He said he witnessed them giving her the shot and it was obvious that it did harm. He said she started screaming bloody murder as soon as that needle went in.

    Anecdote 2 – I’ve told this story before but I will relay it again. A friend of mine’s wife, after first getting pregnant, reached out on Facebook for advice on vaccines. This was in my “Alex Jones days” and when Jenny McCarthy was the voice of the “anti-Vax movement”. I had a hunch that vaccines probably weren’t good so I suggested she just ask the doctor for the “drug insert” on the material she was about to allow a stranger to inject in her child. Well, one of her “friends” came to her thread and berated me for being so pretentious as to think that a regular person (his supposed friend!) was qualified to evaluate the information in said drug insert. He even threatened me physical harm if he found out my unvaxxed child was at school with his children. An argument I’ve never understood. He basically lost his mind over someone having the audacity to think for themselves and bullied this woman into allowing her child to be injected. Well, their son was born fine and healthy but shortly after his “inoculations” he showed signs of “autism” and now my friend spends thousands of dollars a month for special care for his autistic child. He didn’t make the mistake twice and his daughter was not given the shots and she’s fine – no chronic conditions.

    These stories are just anecdotal and may not convince Beevie who appears to be biased by the traditional Catholic position on birth control since he identifies as such. He also seems to be biased by the fact that he vaccinated his children so he WANTS to believe that he did no harm to his children. This is not a criticism. It is only meant as an observation and his position is completely understandable given his situation.

    I don’t believe any of us who have been vaxxed have escaped the ill effects but there is no way to really tell. I’m excited to see how my cousin’s children develop though.

    1. beevie

      Chris, few problems here with what you’ve said here.

      First off the crooked theory is completely unsubstantiated. Honestly I think Forest has put that out with the intention of getting people like you to walk around and judge people on facial oddities. It’s completely crazy, like gang stalking.

      My children won’t be receiving any more vaccines, because of this whole COVID thing, I think its just immoral to have forced medicine. I don’t need to go out on a limb and decry that vaccines cause autism.

      That being said my children aren’t autistic. The vax shots they had have really just either a) done what they have said they have done OR b) Nothing. That’s my anecdote. No crazy stories about fighting with other parents on the school yard or people screaming bloody murder. Zzzzz

      Having a bias is a good thing. Most truthers are like seaweed and will collate anything that is thrown at them. My sincere belief is that the ‘Vaccines cause Autism’ theories is one that is given to us. My bias gives me a boat man, its got an engine a rudder and I can scooch above the low hanging fruit.

      Catholics do not accept CONTRACEPTION. I didn’t say on this audio-chat that condoms cause autism OR ‘pulling out’ does. I’ve specifically targeted hormonal contraception medication. There is a link there, no doubt. I have a feeling biggest issue people MAY have with what I’m saying, is that they or their spouse have gobbled up birth control for many years and they are ashamed of themselves. I get the same response from people outside Fakeology and the Truthersphere. Seriously how could someone be against vaccines yet at the same time throw birth control down their gullet which is a FACTUAL de-population strategy? A lack of strong principles and moral underpinnings.

      I would be the first on here telling fakeologists the ill-effects of vaccines on my children. If you want to assert that I’m just lying to myself to save face, that says more about you than it will EVER say about me.


  2. YouCanCallMeAl

    Great rant from Ab at around 5:30.

    I don’t get Beevie’s position at all – is he arguing that there are lots of ‘treatments’ that can harm people? But that some don’t?

    Ab provides an excellent breakdown of vaccine damage, the mechanisms, the specific damage, etc. But Beevie wants to talk about the pill in the most general terms. There really isn’t an argument there.

    IMO many treatments cause harm – vaccines and birth control both do. But we can observe damage caused by vaccines – Dr Moulden, Forest Maraudy – both provide detailed evidence, that indicates damage to nerve occurs as a consequence of taking a vaccine, and that normal babies regress after taking vaccines. Birth control could also have an impact – but what is the purported method for causing harm? Just because this is commonly taken doesn’t prove anything.

  3. marin2

    The so-called “brain-barrier” don’t exist. This is an laboratorium invention.

    A birth-controll pill fools the mind of the woman that she is pregnant.


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