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They’re studying our behaviour, and not a virus

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The only virus that started in March 2020 is a mind virus, and all the money being rained down via Big Harma is to study human beings and their insane behaviour and reaction to the excitement (agitation) and calm cycle.

Collectively (POM writers and commenters), we have analyzed and decoded this long-running, persistent, and egregious event called “COVID.” While a daunting task, there is some unique allure that draws us in, and very strangely, excites us. Before I get judged or berated, please allow me to define “excite” in the way I perceive it.


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Server switch

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Fakeologist.com was down for 6 hours today. Admin says it was “config error”. Smells like the Facebook story.

We’ve switched youtube channels, as I left a livestream up for too long and the channel was struck.

Subscribe here to the YouTube livestream channel.

Here’s the main YouTube channel with not much on it.

As always, I recommend fakeotube.com. Make sure you get a login there.

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