But you’ll get to go back to normal lol

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All to possibly reduce your symptoms of a cold.

Demons are real – but they don’t make you sick. They are the humans masquerading as 0;top doctors”.

The cognitive dissonance from this soft spoken man is off the charts and is the reason why this quaxxageddon won’t end soon.

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17 thoughts on “But you’ll get to go back to normal lol

  1. doktormindbender

    In regards to Dr Mark Ghalili, that’s already the next big thing. Regrowing tissues through therapies. You see it being pitched as an alternative for joint replacements. Most insurance doesn’t cover it.

    My own anecdotal and personal experience is that more people are F’d up (including myself) post 2020 than before. Across the board. Vaxxed or unvaxxed. And it’s not because they are fat asses and ate too many hot pockets or any of that other elitist shit the current social media hucksters are peddling. Something weird is going on. Not a big believer in any sorts of 5G death rays or comet induced bad air but I do wonder.

      1. doktormindbender

        Could be. It’s not like my peer group is getting any younger either.

        I would also entertain the idea of some deliberate contamination of the food supply with a compound(s) that can cause illness.

          1. doktormindbender

            Could be but aren’t you the least bit suspicious that all this exposing of things like Round Up fits in with all of this deliberate slowing of the economy and production?
            Doesn’t it just hasten the march towards Soylent Green and (manufacturing) Plant Based Franken-Foods?
            Won’t it create regulation that will make it more expensive for farmers to operate?

        1. marin2

          Go to: www.youtube.com/channel/UCwoH0…
          click on: video’s scroll down to: 3 AZK Dr. Rima E. Laibow- Maj. Gen. AlbertN. Stubblebine: Codex Alimentarius.
          The first 4 1/2 minutes are in the german language, after that in the english language.
          An eye-opener. The predictions are coming down on us.

  2. walker

    “WAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH DETAIL HERE — must be fake!! How could this guy possibly know so much about his own life???? Totally impossible. OBVIOUS SHILL!!!! Where did he get the money for his clothes?? IT COULD ONLY BE CIA CHECKS” You guys are jokers.

    1. doktormindbender

      Considering it’s now “normal” for “normal” folks to be a whore for some product on Instagram and speak to people as if they were a game show host, making slickly edited videos documenting some sort of fake existence and then hold the cup out asking for some shekels, it’s very, very difficult to separate planted shills vs useful idiots.

      There’s definitely some sort of messaging going on in regards to the adverse reactions to the jabs. Probably good to be sympathetic AND skeptical.

  3. Fakeologist Post author

    Good analysis. If he was real he would have warned people at the beginning. Do you guys believe in the vaccine heart injuries? Do you think any of the atrocity propaganda is real?

    1. YouCanCallMeAl

      I think the heart injuries are real.

      I have had anecdotal information where injuries have been verified to me personally from my circle. The latest was where a rugby player collapsed on the pitch with a heart attack. The person relaying the story to me looked at me strangely when I asked if he had been vaccinated – he thought my question was irrelevant and wierd.

      Also, fwiw, the account you posted is as valid to me as any other. We can’t verify anything on a screen. You can complain about too much or too little detail – but there is nothing really incriminating in what he says.

    2. dirtybenny

      I do BELIEVE there are alot of vax injuries, both today and in the past. . I have experienced this in my family in the past with flu vaccine. No videos were made or shared.

      I have said in the past that in my “work”, I KNOW there is atypical abnormal lung damage on lots of people in the USA on a daily basis. This started back in March 2020 and goes on to today. I also do not believe the VAERS data. What can I say, I am a fakeologist.

      I do think that the hive has an extremely precise, accurate accounting of all vaccine effects and damages that are not shared with the herd. They are likely collating this data from institutional medical records which are electronic and social media that they know to be true and separate from their emotional actors.

  4. xileffilex

    Way too much detail here. I’m ultra-suspicious. Especially when he name-checks the LA doctor who allegedly had a huge adverse reaction to an antibiotic in 2016, Dr Mark Ghalili and set up “Regenerative Medicine”.

    Ghalili was also mentioned in this fake-looking adverse-reaction vaxx GoFundMe from the UK:
    £10,643 raised so far fro treatment in LA…

    There is one man coming out on top for treatment, Dr Mark Ghalili . Dr Mark is based in LA and I am trying to raise the funds for her to get to him by the 15th August for treatment. Unfortunately, we can no longer do this. Given medical the state she is in, it has been advised for her not travel 12 hours, plus deal with Jet lag. In the event of anything going wrong, insurance wouldn’t repatriate.

    Her intention to need to raise money was never on the agenda. Ever. It was never ever her intention to end up in hospital either and lose the ability to walk and function to full capacity.

    Here’s another example of a vaxx injury scam


    Meanwhile her doctor Mark Ghalili is proudly showing himself on his insta story at an anti vax rally, looking for more people to scam. It appears as if he’s the main guy, speaking in front of hundreds of anti vaxxers. He also came out with his own products to shill. This man is dangerous.

    i.e her “expensive doctor”.
    Oddly, there’s precious little about this wave of jab injuries on his website

    1. dirtybenny

      Agreed, X.

      In my opinion, another scripted character. Notice the perfect lighting to the right side of the face. Entity says that I just thought I would make a video this morning.

      Can anyone even begin to count the video edits in this little ditty? I lost track in the first minute.

      Sounds like he’s giving hypnotic suggestions for people to feel chronic pain. “This is the scariest video I’ve ever made.”

      Then the kumbaya statements of not wanting to be divisive and bring people together. blah blah blah….they are all in this together….blah blah blah

      So, he has to explicitly tell you that he is going to tell you an “honest” recollection of what he has been going through before starting. Well if he said that … it must be true.


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