Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines

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I am 44 years of age and have spent my entire adult life in academia, university, and clinical health science studies, practice, and research. My affinity for the brain and behavioral sciences stemmed from a genuine desire to find answers to many unanswered questions, questions such as – Why are we here? What makes us human? and What causes illnesses like schizophrenia, dementia, multiple sclerosis, learning disabilities, and many other often debilitating illnesses.

Source: Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines

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  1. xileffilex

    Just noticed that Moulden was cited by an English – Turkish Cypriot author ** in a submission to the UK parliament, written April 17 2020 citying 48 doctors who argue that vaccines aren’t safe and numerous studies.

    Globally, eminent health professionals, scientists, academics, economists are whistleblowing on the real agendas behind the false pandemic. The level of conspiracy and corruption involved is truly staggering…behind this all is the agendas of The Gates Foundation and their various entities to bring in mandatory vaccinations, ID tracking and surveillance of every citizen, a cashless society, smart cities, dangerous 5G technology, and complete control of every aspect of our lives…..The goal for mandatory vaccinations due to the false reporting of a pandemic is a violation of our human rights to freedom, health, and choice. Thousands of studies
    prove the dangers of vaccinations.

    **[Sibelle Hodge, aka Sibel Hodge]

    I’d never heard of her, but she quietly says she’s reading Virus Mania in this year old interview about her fiction writing:

    The lawyers and fact-checkers were out in force early in May 2020 to deny
    False claim:?the UK government has changed the law to make everyone get vaccinated against COVID-19

    Coronavirus Act 2020: Does it permit mandatory vaccinations?
    No, of course you don’t need a law, you just put the burden on employers or service providers to force compliance or else be shut out of society.

    And where are we now nearly 18 months later??

    [My suspicionis that the “mandatory vaccine coming ” video on which the fact checking was based was promoted by behavioural nudgers, knowing how the script would be rolled out subsequently]


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