1 thought on “Enjoy your steak while you can

  1. Gabriel

    I agree this is a very important real issue right now. Its unfortunately a side effect of the fake pandemic. It is so infuriating to know that we have to go fight to keep ranchers running and packing houses open so we can feed the country. These are things a good and decent leadership of a country would assure. The insanity and tyranny are creeping along.

    Tim, speaking of meat, watch a couple of this guys anti vegan videos, www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_CXwa…. He has a lot of ex-vegans do interviews showing the harm the vegan diet did to them. The guy is having a lot of personal issues right now but that does not discredit the awesome work he has done to promote eating meat products. Here is a good example video, www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6Vzo3…. He covers Banana girl in some videos too. Her diet will kill her if she does not add meat to her diet at some point. His videos show how malnourished all the YouTube vegans are.

    I am not here to say I know the answer to the perfect diet. Like anyone else on this plane we have to figure it out because the government intentionally hides what is optimal. In fact the food pyramid is inverted. What works for me is doing Keto. So far its the only diet that enables me to keep a good weight and to be at optimal health. I am still learning though so open to change if I find a better option.


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