Are these students real?

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Spent some time checking out one of these entity’s instagram, and there is something very simmy about the pictures and comments.

I appreciate bikinis but the terse captions and comments from other possible sockpuppets makes me wonder if we have a big, less understood part of the simulation.

Is it important to build simulated 0;sudden death” stories to continue the dialectic?

Spend some time on these links and comment.

1) Kamilla Lebel Farrell, a 21 year old Queen’s student drops dead suddenly on Tindall Field…

2) Rachael Anne Smith – (Queens student who volunteered at vax clinic) dies suddenly…

3) Quelph U – student dies of rare blood clot disease. Span of a week went from being healthy to being dead. No mention whether she got the jab but all the universities are silent.…

4) Jacob Downey – 18 year old, 1st year Queens student dies suddenly after 0;medical emergency” within the same article, it mentions a University of Ottawa student, Francis Peron, dying suddenly after playing the first football game of the season.

Local Teen, Queen’s University Student Passed Away Suddenly After Medical Emergency

All were seemingly healthy and died suddenly but no university will mention vax status. What is the common denominator? All these universities mandated vaccines.

Who should be held liable for the loss of these precious lives? ??????

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7 thoughts on “Are these students real?

  1. xileffilex

    Simple fake deaths and relocation of young fun-seekers imho for a news story. Well, all those fake crash deaths didn’t stop people climbing into airplanes or buses, did they? Ditto taking the jab. Perhaps it’s to create the illusion that there’s something in the shots when the whole process is to get us onto the digital ID pathway. As I’ve said before it could all have been done with saline, but with some batches of the vaxx tuned to created some kind of adverse reaction.

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      I go with sims before relocation for simplicity, but either works.
      Maybe they expect Covid believers to assume these are Covid deaths.
      The anti crowd may take them to be vax deaths.
      A death for everyone.

      1. xileffilex

        Downey has back-up from old league tables of his youth hockey team…


        I haven’t looked into the others. It’s standard procedure to flood one’s social media with pictures before a reassignment.
        Quite a bit of that went on at the HHH Humboldt Hockey Hoax.

        A better summary [spelling Guelph correctly] of the assorted “sudden deaths” of sporting individuals is found here posted 11/October by the Ontario Civil Liberties Association.
        Apparently it started with a twitter thread.

        Hard to know what the reason is for promoting these alleged sudden deaths.

        OCLA may not be CO….

        Meanwhile, back in the UK, we’re back to being scared of knife-wielding crazies, an old formula involving supposed deaths of MPs…
        He certainly existed, but at 69, he was ripe for retirement.

  2. tokarski

    Rachael Anne Smith – odd spelling of Rachael/Michael – has a childlike face, as if she needs a few more years to mature into an adult. Anything is possible, one photo tells us little, however.

  3. napoleon wilson

    cmon we dont need to see the pictures to be skeptical ,its a massive mind control operation we have preachers with crosses acting like their staring down satan witches on every other channel ,these beautiful girls will be mental fodder both sides of the hustle ,doubters like us can pick holes in there authenticity and the gullible will start to question the evil government ohhh,its all the fucking wizard of oz mkultra right down to the fecking vaccine reactions Sars cov Oz, the Scarecrow Blistered feet,the ruby slippers Yellow brick road, yellow card reporting system If I only had a brain is the brainclots scarecrows wish If I only had a heart the tinmans , myocarditis heart enlargement 2020ozozo Ozmacare,fischer(pfizer.or johnson and johnson) oh and youll need your booster sothats 3 CLICKS OF THE HEELS to get you to OZ or OZMACARE end of interstellar bad fast!!!! OR IF A CORRUPT MASONIC DOCTOR IS QUESTIONING HIS ETHICS IT CAN BE EXPLAINED AS ATROCITY PORN FROM THE DRILL But it wasn’t a dream. It was a place. And you and you and you… and you were there. But you couldn’t have been could you? FORCESHADOWING OF QUEENSLAND MAYBE remember oz is the go to fear factory


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