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3 thoughts on “FAC967-Beevie-Critical-Syncer

  1. dirtybenny

    Very much agree with Syncer on the multifactorial attack on children, which is not limited to vaccines. Vaccines and the anti-vax movement are too visible in the media to think that this is the dominant weapon. His points about water quality and alternating current are spot on.

    In addition to that, there is the pervasive use of ultrasound on developing fetuses as a maiming weapon. JLB has done revealing research on this taboo topic. So to be clear, the fetuses are being radiated repeatedly during critical periods of organ formation and growth. So, the pregnant mother should not drink alcohol, but the “system” could radiate the developing fetus repeatedly.


    The adoption of industrial baby formula during early infant life is another rarely spoken of attack on our children, including their neural development.



    Baby powder is another staple of early infant life.


    1. dirtybenny

      Forgot to mention how greatly improved the balance and the sound quality is on this audiochat. Thank you, Velocet. Much appreciation for your contribution.


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