Fauci’s Remdesivir poison protocol

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Good interview with drardisshow. com.

I think they are using the same deadly Covid pneumonia protocol in Canada. link

h/t Purpleplay

359- Patient Patients – and Then There Were None (Free)

2021-10-13 by Crow

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If I swallow anything evil, stick your fingers down my throat – according to a bad man with blue eyes who once asked – Who are you? You are what you ingest, drugs included. This idea has never been more important than it is in our current era due to the overwhelming push for medical procedures and drugs. Our guest is warning everybody to research published studies before ingesting anything. Is it possible that substances with a high danger rate are being prescribed daily? Is it possible that those who prescribe are failing to research the very things they are prescribing? Is it possible that what gets prescribed is now the purview of administrators? Follow the money and the published reports to know more than you do now – and be safe out there! One more thing – is it possible this description is a cop-out to ensure the watered-down message gets delivered? Yes it is possible, and while I am at it, yes, yes and yes to the above carefully worded questions. The Common Era is exhausting… The post 359- Patient Patients – and Then There Were None (Free) appeared first on Crrow777 Radio.

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Reverend Black Dog
Reverend Black Dog (@blackdog)
1 month ago

Thank you for this site Ab and all you do! You are a real hero, considering that is something anybody wants to be, per our Dog Latin. Thanks!!! Though. I haven’t heard this yet but it’s bound to be good and this seems to be a key method of these slayers, convince the godless they need something they don’t and they fall for it because they’re godless and they get slayed and it seems useless to try and stop it, quite bizarre. Conspiracy few can fathom. Someone is playing God and God doesn’t seem to mind, it really sucks. Truth… Read more »