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Who Runs and Controls All ~ The J-Suits That’s WHO

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The non-believers will be slain for the greater good and greater glory of the Jesuit controlled Vatican empire. Jesuit controlled actors like Bush ,Gore and others serving the Order.Achievements of the Jesuit Order

— Make lending of money on interest a noble occupation.

Place Jews in positions where fault or blame can be placed in the future.


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Some UK skeptics

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Good to see some bow and arrow and insane knifer skeptics coming here.

I was suspicious from the start due to the speedy and coordinated response and the detailed reporting. It felt too orchestrated and managed. I had the same impression when the first reports of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann were announced.


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Before Forrest there was Dr Moulden

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Fast talking because his head was full of information that no one wanted to hear.

This appears to be an informal get together with a student from a long time ago.

I clipped a few sections that were particularly good.

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