Natives worldwide fighting back

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They know what the needles bring.

meanwhile, in austraila, a quandary has arisen…

el gato malo

Oct 18


and hard choices had to be made:

because it appears than many of the native peoples are more than a little bit vaccine hesitant…


De Australische Aboriginals verdedigen zich met pijl en boog tegen de autoriteiten die hen gedwongen proberen te vaccineren. #AustraliaHasFallen #vaccinatiedwang #WeThePeople

October 18th 2021

(translated from the dutch: “The Australian Aborigines are defending themselves with bow and arrow against the authorities who are forcibly trying to vaccinate them.”)
is there any purported moral claim once allegedly held by this group of currently ascendant bio-fascists that will survive their need for control over your bodily choices?
the list is dwindling.

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Gigolo Joe
Gigolo Joe
1 month ago

Do you know why Gato took this post down? Did she find it to be false?

Mike D
Mike D
1 month ago

Not too much Natives from the US are fighting back. Most of them love that government cheese…

Good luck to the first nations folks in OZ.