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How real is President Xi?

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New discorder larafale as a blog entry.

In people minds, wars are real, so it has consequences, kids enroll to defend “dEmoCRacY”, armies are deployed, resources get secured, etc etc, we know the deal.

What most don’t know, is that at it’s root, wars are just manufactured stories, like every fucking major topic that goes through the screen.


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how to lie using statistics: ontario edition

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a lot of people seem to be misreading this data from ontario on the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis (serious and potentially fatal heart conditions) from covid vaccines.


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Christoff podcast

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Another Canadian, another good podcast.

Podcast #124 – Jason Christoff – It’s All Fake

2021-10-17 by Jason Christoff

Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1299…
Episode: feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/11…

Funeral Director Explains the COVID CON JOB from inside the system – www.bitchute.com/video/gigUyK3…

Freedom of Information Act Requests PROVING COVID (SARS-COV-2) Has Never Existed – www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/fois-r…

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The revolution will NOT be televised

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Full time riots in Trieste square, official webcam shows it’s empty

protest in trieste: we the people are winning
but the revolution will NOT be televised

el gato malo
7 min ago
this message comes directly from trieste, sent by the friend of a friend:
dated 10.19.21

“Hello my friend

Do you see what’s going on in Trieste?

I wonder if US news broadcasting situation in Italy.

People stand day and night, police began to use various forces to disperse the crowd, didn’t work, People still stood strong and when nothing worked out they started using gas.

After this all residents left for the main town square for massive protesting.


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Fake authors

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Bit of revelation of the method-my guess is that most major artists are writing teams funded by NGOs, intelligence agencies, and the elites.

All culture creators to lead society, not reflect it.

Think Shakespeare, Mozart, Steven King, and maybe the odd truther.

An anonymous writer who has been likened to Italy’s pseudonymous Ellena Ferrante was just awarded a €1MM ($1.16MM dollars) literary prize for her dazzling work as a groundbreaking female author. There’s only one minor clarification though: she’s a he.


h/t Topochico

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