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Gabriel (@gabriel)
1 month ago

The caller makes some really good points. I often wonder the same thing. My practical sense is that it is other people creating all the agendas and materials that go with it. However, it does often cross my mind that these projects and materials are so big that it would take a huge amount of people working behind the scenes to pull this all off. What is so confounding is how are all of these people organized and where are they? There likely has to be a perpetrator university that they are trained. For example, I have observed that almost… Read more »

xileffilex (@xileffilex)
1 month ago
Reply to  Gabriel

“Fish in a tank” -[Alto] is a good analogy to describe us. But I don’t think the jab is the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel. You do have to wonder what’s going on in the buildings of the intelligence agencies. My suspicion is that they are creative writing and film studios, recruiting the best talent from top “perp” universities, a tap on the shoulder or a glass of sherry from the recruiter and off you go to “intel” finishing school and a life of keeping schtum about what you do. Fake death? Terrorist incident? We’ll sort that out… Read more »