How real is President Xi?

likes this

New discorder larafale as a blog entry.

In people minds, wars are real, so it has consequences, kids enroll to defend “dEmoCRacY”, armies are deployed, resources get secured, etc etc, we know the deal.

What most don’t know, is that at it’s root, wars are just manufactured stories, like every fucking major topic that goes through the screen.…

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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson (@napoleon)
1 month ago

im not struck on the word hoax …
mind you the word realm annoys the shit out of me ,when i hear the word realm i expect to be playing a fantasy board game with a 20 sided dice .

ricky (@ricky)
1 month ago

Were you “fighting for our freedoms” Mike?

Mike D
Mike D
1 month ago
Reply to  ricky

@ Ricky …nope

Some of this fakeology stuff gets a little nutty with quite a few folks claiming everything is absolutely 100% fake.

Maybe fakeology/hoaxes is a psyop too? What say you?


Mike D
Mike D
1 month ago

War is very real. Obviously it is not portrayed accurately on television, that is foolish to think so.

The best thing to do is grow some balls & go find one ( a war) to be in. There are plenty happening all over the world continuously. See for yourself; I did.

…ps: my grandfather was killed in Vietnam 1966