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Take them with a grain of salt-at least the salt is good for you.…


Hi Pat, thank you for all you are doing. Please share the heck out of this…

In a Hospital in Saskatoon…

This is a story from a friend:
My mom is only 65 years old and has been in icu almost 3 weeks and it’s been a month since she tested positive for Covid and the policy was after 21 days we cud be in her room with her. As of today they told us we can not be at her bedside at all until we agree to turn off the ventilator for end of life care to go in her room. The dr is saying for our safety. How is is more safe for us if she’s alive or not? Bc they will only allow us in if we agree to shut off the ventilator.

My mom had lupus and scleroderma that had reached her heart n lungs before Covid n was managing until she got Covid she did everything normal as she always did.
The hospital is lieing to us and forcing us to make a decision to kill my mom. We are not the only family that is dealing with this. My mom’s best friend’s husband is in the same icu at the same hospital and they deal with the exact same. A young woman came up to me in the waiting room today and told me about the same thing she is going thru with her mom.
My moms friend told me a young couple had to make that decision to tune off the ventilator on his girlfriend n she passed away too.
I saw 2 bodies pushed out on gurneys in the 5 days I was with my mom. They are pushing people out by forcing us to let our family members die. It’s so horrible and the way the staff are so cold and don’t care of the patients and families is getting so hard to deal with.
I’m sorry I needed to share my story to someone this evening.
We can’t go in my moms room n can only be with her thru a glass but a janitor can go in anytime
She’s at St. ’s Hospital her hand was not like that. she had complications because they denied to give her care with nitrous oxide her face was purple and her hand was purple the whole arm was purple she started to get her colour back but that’s what was left from last week Monday.
I don’t mind to share my story because these are the things they are hiding and lying to us these are the things they are pushing with everything they can that we have no freedom and we can have access to anything including people with this’ll is just one story but there are others that I talk to you at the hospital that had the same story.

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Mike D
Mike D
1 month ago

Sounds like socialized medicine is working perfectly. The government is giving the populace exactly what they vote for.