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ricky (@ricky)
30 days ago

Hard for me to put a positive spin on living in a real life idiocracy, my attitude could only improve by having a lobotomy or seeing Fauci beaten to death.

xileffilex (@xileffilex)
30 days ago

Lots to look forward to in our new world then. I’m so filled with”Energy” as all the immediate family around me get jabbed. Not sure how I’ll deal with that in the coming months, but I’m sure it will all be wonderful. Might as well shut the blog down now, nothing to see here.
Meanwhile, back in the real world…

30 days ago
Reply to  xileffilex

@xileffillex Its discussion like these that are the beginning in navigating the fact we are outside the mainstream. As far as family members go, you are going to have to deal with that no doubt. If you have no avenues to go down its going to be harder for you, at least give it a try. You know as well as everyone here, people are going to take the mainstream view over yours, we need to address the issues that are prescient for us like minded folk. With all due respect. Peace of Christ.