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Recycled history in Germany: Unvaccinated unwelcome

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You’re wondering what the German on that shop window says, aren’t you? It says, “UNVACCINATED UNWELCOME!” It’s a familiar message here in Germany. Some of you might remember it from the 1930s, although it referred to a different group of people back then ……

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UK data shows the vaccines are NOT saving any lives at all. Zero. Zip. Nada.

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Steve has a $3 million dollar reward for proof that VAERS stats are NOT 1/41st of the likely totals.

Mathew Crawford just did an analysis showing that the data from the UK shows that the vaccines aren’t saving any lives at all. Zero. Zip. Nada. So we’re killing over 150K people to save no lives. Wow.…

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Contagion and infection are different and non interchangeable words

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The most common question people ask when confronted for the first time with the information that ‘germs’ are not the cause of disease is: If it isn’t a germ, then what is it? This question is clearly based on the idea that there is a single identifiable causal agent for each disease; but it is an erroneous idea.…

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