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I will never understand this level of cognitive dissonance

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Imagining believing in a magic potion so much you’re willing to poison your children to possible death.

One mother’s hard lesson in the foolishness of trusting the word of governments and global depopulationists about vaccine safety and effectiveness.


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From masks to digital slavery

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The Fabian method to get us completely controlled by the matrix.

The most crucial aspect of the COVID agenda is the vaccine passports. Our rulers do not want you to get vaccinated for the good of your health. They want you to get vaccinated so that they can force you to use a vaccine passport. To keep track of the vaccine passports, humanity as a species requires a worldwide digital identity system. Without a worldwide digital identity system, the vaccine passports are useless, and without the vaccine passports, how do we know that you aren’t a COVID super-spreader?


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Alec Baldwin LARP

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Another chapter in the Alec Baldwin LARP.

Will this be bigger than the OJ trial?

Unlikely, but it’s another Fabian step in the removal of the second amendment to realign the US for the NWO integration.

Watch this “impromptu” interview where all the media attended.

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