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Dr Andrew Moulden – What he told us before he disappeared

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Vaccines Cause Micro-Vascular Strokes: Dr. Andrew Moulden, Canadian Doctor

How long does it take a medical breakthrough to be acted upon?

A Canadian doctor, Dr. Andrew Moulden says he conclusively proved seven years ago that vaccines cause micro-vascular strokes. Dr Moulden has a 21 year record of award-winning medical study and practice starting at Nipissing University, but he has been unable to get the attention of the College of Physicians or politicians to investigate his findings, which have been corroborated by other doctors.

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Hollywood is an illusion

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German in Venice fell in love with the illusion – and moved to and explores Hellywood.

Today he went and cruised at the witching hour.

A down to earth channel exposing behind the curtain.

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