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Another death story – or is it?

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GILROY, CALIFORNIA — A 56-year-old engineer and business owner is dead, but refused to die in vain as he used his obituary to warn others about the evils surrounding the “vaccine” agenda.

Michael Granata: 56-year-old California man dead 10 weeks after Moderna mRNA injection, warns others “don’t do it unless you want to suffer and die”

My confirmation bias wants to believe these stories, but why, upon examination, do they seem like vaxsims?

Why did this guy appoint himself CEO 9 years after dissolving his company?


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Meet the injectors

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How do you make injections mandatory while pretending they’re not?

Meet the medical propagandists that dream of holding you down or driving you out of town until you comply.

The above tweets are quite chilling. Here, we have someone who is angry that Doug Ford announced that proof of vaccination will end in January. The rationale is that if unless people are pressured to get it, they will just “wait it out”. This attitude is sick and twisted, yet people like this are allowed to care for vulnerable patients.

This isn’t a one-off from someone showing poor judgement. Nor is it some troll being a twit online just for kicks. This man is treated as a medical expert by the establishment.


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There Is No Virus

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Can’t restate this enough.

Are you willing to consider a completely different point of view of today’s “pandemic”? Many people today are convinced that the coronavirus is contagious, masks are a must and that vaccines are critical to eradicate it once and for all. Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and Dr. Tom Cowan today explain, in no uncertain terms, how the so-called coronavirus is not actually a virus, at all, and that because this is the case, our response to the current health crisis has been completely off-base.


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Vaccine injury pericarditis run around

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If you’re crazy enough to vaccinate your boy (or girl), this is the run around you’ll get if you’re looking for help or answers in Onterrible.


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