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Who are they?

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Think Bill Gates is the biggest farmer?

Meet Big Agra-the Cargill family.

Like most elite families, they have their own intelligence agency that likely misdirect away from their trillionaire holdings.

Goto 1:16:55.

[No Agenda] 1398: “Gender Justice” @adamcurry
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FAC983-Rick and Rollo

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Frank tells us we need to lay assault charges to get out of this Covidian intimidation.

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America hates theocracies like these

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Keep disobeying the Covidian commandments.

None of this would be so bad if the injectors just injected and went about their lives: faith should be its own reward. Instead, the injectors insist on foisting their deeply mistaken dogma on others. These New Age, physically invasive, injection proselytizers won’t be satisfied until they convert everyone. They demand that you bend the knee to the government and the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex; the line between the two is blurry.


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Goalpost moving for Nov 2021

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they vilify because they cannot edify

at a certain point, one might legitimately ask “do any of you people have any idea what in hell you have been selling us?” and possibly even “do you even care?”

what’s really going on is a sorcerer’s apprentice that has lost control and the fact of this is going to become MUCH too big to hide in the next 6-8 weeks.

the propaganda and gaslighting is going to get stretched too far and the whole edifice will collapse.

the true believers, like any doomsday cult when the world fails to end, will double and triple down and lose their minds in paroxysms of piety and rage.

many inhabit that increasingly miscalibrated dystopia known as “the media.”


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