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Pfizer – the elite’s bully to take down countries

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Source: 2021-11-01_General Pain – Primetime Show in Indi … · F …

Looks like the world’s favorite poison was born in Germany.

The Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine Monopoly: The Backstory ? Brownstone Institute

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Bayer President tells you it’s therapy

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…and he’s surprised so many people fell for it. He shouldn’t be, because he knew calling it a vaccine allowed for trillions of dollars in indemnity.

Source: Jane Solomon – President of Bayer admits the cov … · F …

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Should we invert these numbers?

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Seeings how TPTSNB invert everything, does it make sense to invert the vaccine effectiveness numbers (VE)? Therefore 100-VE=poison rate. In 2019-20 that means 61% were sickened or perhaps killed by the poison.

No wonder they rejoice in “low” efficacy rates!


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Utopia | Thomas More

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Anyone read this?

Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia in 1516 in Latin. His Utopia is a fictional island, whose society, religion and politics he explores. Critics do not believe that the island depicted More’s idea of the perfect society, but rather that he hoped to throw the politics of his own time into a new light by contrasting them with his imagined island society. The work references Plato’s Republic.


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