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FAK421-James Manwoody

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New voice saves the show!

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Easiest persecution ever

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Just say no. Just stay home.

Austria has imposed the most draconian lockdown yet.

This is a sign of weakness on the part of the wicked authorities, not of strength. It is an exercise in complete futility. Nothing can be easier than outlasting the authoritarian absurdities. The coronavirus will continue to rage among the vaccinated, as they stroke out, suffer heart attacks, and die of vaccine-destroyed immune systems.

Just stay home.

You’re not going to starve. You’re not going to be unable to work. Go to the store, stock up, and lay in a good supply of books, movies, and DIY projects.


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Amazing Polly on the Kingston restaurant owner hero

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Great mini-doc by Polly on the restaurant owner in Kingston standing up to the Doctatorship Plandemic in Onterrible.

Source: Freedom Isn’t Free – Inside the Resistance · Fakeotube – by A …

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Did Richard Drew take any of his own iconic pictures?

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The famous RFK shot and the Giant falling man shot. Both are likely composite photos that this guy had nothing to do with but as always they economize the players in their fabricated stories.

Cluesforum King Kong Falling man thread


h/t infiniteplane.media

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Inflation a tool in the great reset

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Podcast #127 – Jason Christoff – What Is Inflation And How To Protect Yourself From It

2021-11-16 by Jason Christoff

Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1313…
Episode: feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/11…

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