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17 days ago

I don’t disagree with the sentiments by Al and localheog2, but I heard a take by Matt Smith on the “geopolitics and empire” podcast recently that I agree with 100%. This psyop has only revealed how weak and shitty our so called “normal lives” actually were. A stupid as shit population that includes many of our “friends and family,” a consumer culture supported by fraud and grift, a joke of a “representative government,” an “education system” that fleeces morons and teaches them endless lies, a “medical system” that profits by making people sick and killing them with their cures, corrupt… Read more »

17 days ago
Reply to  Ricky

Hey Ricky, I agree with much of your post and would embrace the civilization of the parasite being burned to the ground. Unfortunately, it is being hijacked into the metaverse, rather than being destroyed.

I am empathetic to our fellow man who has been mind controlled into this realm from before birth. I certainly was. We are not stupid but creative powerful beings who have been manipulated to believe in and manifest their system.

16 days ago
Reply to  Dirtybenny

I go back and forth between being sympathetic for and being disgusted by our fellow man (sheep.) I always like reading your’ thoughts db but I’ve seen a disturbing trend of a decline of critical thinking for the last thirty years. You ended up here and so did I, so for me it was because I wasn’t getting any satisfactory answers for things that never made sense. So it was a choice for me and probably for you, I was relentless trying to get to some honest information, this site has done that with ideas that make great sense. So… Read more »

17 days ago

So this is what success feels like…

18 days ago

A hearty hand-shake and bro-hug to all!