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15 days ago

You mentioned archive.org, and who is helping them archive all these sites. I have to say I am not aware of them losing any sites that they had backed up. I think they archive.org is run on a charitable basis, similar to wikipedia. However, I do know that they are in partnership with Cloudflare: blog.archive.org/2020/09/17/in… To me, Cloudflare is a company that has a throttle on the internet. They have the ability to prevent views on most sites, or in reverse to prevent users accessing sites. I definitely think they are a suspect company – I’m expecting evil from them… Read more »

16 days ago

You’re right, it’s an Herculean task to dismantle the fraud of viruses and “transmission” of these non-entities. The UK “Health Security” agency *** [formerly Public Health England] which now treats sickness like terrorism, is busy trying to prove that jabbing reduces the non-existent transmission with a letter [probably not peer reviewed] in the New England Journal of Medicine www.nejm.org/doi/pdf/10.1056/N… Effect of Vaccination on Household Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in England Overall, the likelihood of household transmission was approximately 40 to 50% lower in households of index patients who had been vaccinated 21 days or more before testing positive than in households… Read more »

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