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Who are they?

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Ever wondered who “they” are?

If “they” even exist?

Let’s find out


The reason that we find magicians so entertaining is that they seemingly do the impossible.

In reality, most of their “tricks” rely solely on distracting the audience. By drawing their attention elsewhere they are free to accomplish their true goal while remaining in plain sight

While captivating to the unlearned masses, it is obvious those with the occult (simply means hidden) knowledge of the act.

They can ruin the act by simply revealing the method, I will attempt to do that now.

For the greatest act of all of human history is currently in progress. You may have heard of the word


Before in the context of the “Apocalyptic” (the Greek word meaning Revelation) last book of the bible

We think of it as the end of the world, but in reality it is defined as “a great unveiling of what’s been hidden”

Ironically, a great revelation of what we will be describing below could, in fact,

“end the world”

as we know it.

But what secret could be so powerful? And how could it have been hidden for so long?

Much like a magicians act, it is all done in plain sight (best place to hide)

While we think of the human mind as mostly logical, it is the study of the SUBconscious that has been the most groundbreaking in modern psychology.


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You’d have to be retarded

likes this

Or not so much of the former, if the observations of this nurse working at a hospital in Hawaii are to be believed.

I live on Maui. We only have ONE hospital! I’ve taken care of 3 men now who have GBS after vax (Guillain-Barre syndrome) 4 teenage boys with myocarditis (got vax to play sports) 1 lady had to cut off her leg because of clots. 13yo Bell’s palsy after shot. 7yo with seizures after clots. Covid + patient with 3x booster. 2 ladies with spontaneous abortions after vax. 1 mid 30s women with myocarditis and pericarditis … the list goes on and one… not to mention all the Covid patients who’ve been killed by Remdesivir. And this is a small 240 bed hospital.

If, at this point, you choose to get the vaccines or the boosters, you’re literally retarded and you cannot reasonably say that you were not warned of the potential consequences.


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Aluminum hydroxide on deck for the “new and improved” clot shot

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A drug dealer’s first goal is to get the pipeline established in your veins.

After that hard part, anything can be poured down the drain.

Vaccines not working this round?

Just add AH and this will enhance the kill rate.

An aluminum hydroxide:CpG adjuvant enhances protection elicited by a SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain vaccine in aged mice


Via twitter.com/forrestmaready/sta…

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