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Ever wondered who “they” are?

If “they” even exist?

Let’s find out


The reason that we find magicians so entertaining is that they seemingly do the impossible.

In reality, most of their “tricks” rely solely on distracting the audience. By drawing their attention elsewhere they are free to accomplish their true goal while remaining in plain sight

While captivating to the unlearned masses, it is obvious those with the occult (simply means hidden) knowledge of the act.

They can ruin the act by simply revealing the method, I will attempt to do that now.

For the greatest act of all of human history is currently in progress. You may have heard of the word


Before in the context of the “Apocalyptic” (the Greek word meaning Revelation) last book of the bible

We think of it as the end of the world, but in reality it is defined as “a great unveiling of what’s been hidden”

Ironically, a great revelation of what we will be describing below could, in fact,

“end the world”

as we know it.

But what secret could be so powerful? And how could it have been hidden for so long?

Much like a magicians act, it is all done in plain sight (best place to hide)

While we think of the human mind as mostly logical, it is the study of the SUBconscious that has been the most groundbreaking in modern psychology.


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Perhaps the most impactful pioneer in that field is the famous Sigmund Freud

How do you distract an entire CIVILIZATION while you perform your tricks?

You must communicate not with their logical minds, but their emotion based subconscious.

It was Freud’s great nephew, Edward Bernays who mastered this art

Thus he was known as the

“Father of Propaganda”

In fact, when Bernays wrote his book


in 1928, the word did not yet hold ANY negative connotation.

It would only be after the world had seen what such methods could make a nation of people do did it gain such a meaning.

Besides being used to form Hitler’s cult of personality and the Nazi state, Bernays methods were also used to:

  • Get women to smoke by branding it as a feminist issue


  • Help the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of the democratically elected Guatemalan government in 1954

Now you may be asking, “So what? What do these dead psychologists have to do with today?”

One only needs to check what company the next in this line of great nephews cofounded/was the first CEO of to answer THAT question.

Now that we have covered the methods, WHO exactly are the powerful masterminds orchestrating all of this from the shadows?

If Edward Bernays was the “father” of propaganda, than Ivy Lee was surely the GRANDfather.

It was he who created the first modern public relations campaign

Here is where we find perhaps the most impactful American oligarch dynasty of all time:

The Rockefellers

Ivy Lee was hired to repair their reputation after the “Ludlow Massacre” where they killed dozens of their striking workers

If you have a positive opinion of the Rockefellers, you have Lee to thank.

Part of this public relations campaign was making VERY public acts of philanthropy

Most famously, Rockefeller would hand out dimes to children in front of cameras.

These methods are still in use today.

We now have the methods and the magicians, but what is the objective?

For a clue we should perhaps look at the objectives of another client of Ivy Lee, Adolf Hitler

At a congressional hearing in 1934 it was found that Lee had been working indirectly for the Nazis, using his son

We all know the #1 obsession of the infamous Nazi party:


What most people DON’T know is where this racist pseudoscience originated and where the initial funding for the Nazi Eugenics program came from.

The United States of America, specifically the ROCKEFELLERS

The history of America’s eugenics program has been criminally covered up and is now talked about exclusively in context of the Nazis.

In reality their system was based off ours, California for instance was sterilizing people against their will all the way up to 1979.

What exactly is “Eugenics”?

The idea that reproduction should be artificially guided to produce humans with traits seen as the most “favorable”, and those with “unfavorable” traits be sterilized or eliminated.

Unfortunately 93% of us are seen as unfavorable to the ruling class.

Where did the concept of Eugenics come from? And what is the stone monument pictured above?

Oddly enough, both originate from the Greek philosopher Plato, the man seen as the father of western culture, and for good reason.

Plato speaks of state run reproduction in his utopian “The Republic”

In his works “Timaeus” and “Critias” he describes the ancient, mythical city of Atlantis (in a way an embodiment of utopia). In the center of this city stood a monument with their highest laws inscribed on it. The monument pictured above is known as the

“Georgia Guidestones”

And is located just 110 miles outside of ATLANTa, Georgia, and is clearly an reproduction of this utopian concept described by Plato.

But who erected these stones in 1980?

The single man that actually visited Elberton, Georgia to commission the estimated half a million dollar construction of these stones remains anonymous to this day.

On the commemorative plaque at the site we are given a pseudonym:

R.C. Christian

In 2015 a documentary was released that finally shed some light on who may have commissioned those stones

Among the evidence was a document found at Coggins Industries (who created the monument) that tied it to the esoteric


Society, the 18th degree of Freemasonry

This is especially interesting, as not only were the stones crafted by the Freemasons of Elberton, Georgia, but the author of the book

“New Atlantis”

Sir Francis Bacon, was said to be a Rosicrucian, pivotal to establishing the colonies and an inspiration to Thomas Jefferson.

The connection to these groups is fitting given that 9 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were masons, along with George Washington.

The Rosicrucians trace their occult wisdom back to the mystery schools of ancient Egypt, of which Plato was rumored to be apart of.

Is it possible that these secret societies planned to recreate the Utopia of ancient Atlantis as described by Plato right here in America?

It would certainly fit with the vision put forth by Bacon in New Atlantis, but if part of their plan is mass depopulation, why advertise it?

We must once again return to Plato’s “Republic” where he describes the importance of what stories are told in a society.

He is often paraphrased & attributed this quote:

“Those who tell the stories rule society.”

This also ties in with his famous

“Allegory of the Cave”

The theme of this allegory is that most people are metaphorically trapped in a cave, chained to the wall, only able to experience the world through the shadows projected on the wall

They believe that the reality presented to them through the mass media is the absolute truth.

Not only that, but they do not wish to leave the cave as it is all they know

Those who have left & return to try to enlighten the masses will be met with attacks (known as cognitive dissonance today).

Anyone who has ever tried to wake up a loved one will be able to relate.

Using this concept, the ruling class is able to

“Predictively Program”

the masses using the media, and public monuments like the Guidestones.

Many who read the stones actually end up AGREEING with the principles.

What does a modern example of predictive programing look like?

Above is the 2013 “Utopia” that lays out a scenario where a man-made virus is unleashed with the endgame being the vaccine which ends up sterilizing

Target Population? 500,000,000, just like on the stones.

Below is the 2020 version released just months before the COVID vaccines

The 2020 version was canceled after one season for obvious reasons. As for the 2013 version, I hope I don’t have to point out the Freemason emblem on the ceiling.

Another interesting example is the show


Released on Bernays’ Nephew’s Netflix platform…. January 2020

To FULLY summarize the goals of this cabal, we must identify the final occult organization tied to the Guidestones.

We find the clue in the date they were erected: March 22 or in other words:

The symbol above belongs to the Skull and Bones secret society (& the Nazi SS) founded at Yale University in 1832.

It’s membership has included Rockefellers, Bushes, and even President William Taft, the chief justice of the supreme court that ruled FORCED STERLIZATION LEGAL

Until this day that ruling has never been overturned. Meaning that if the government WAS forcefully sterilizing people it WOULDN’T EVEN BE ILLEGAL.

Now, why would the Nazis use that same symbol?

Mainly because the 2 organizations are 1 & the same, and they communicate using symbology.

Once again

“Hiding in plain sight”

You see, Nazism was an AMERICAN invention, and the Third Reich funded and supplied by OUR robber barons

“What??? Then what was the point of WWII, if that was true then why didn’t the industrialists just take over America????”

Well, to quote Major General Smedley Butler:

“War is a racket”

As far as coup by our Nazi industrialists?

They tried & were stopped by that same general

Why go through all this trouble of starting a world war?

Perhaps in order to create the exact situation we have found ourselves in for the last 50 years.

One global super power, based in the “New World”

I think this, the most well known public masonic symbol sums it up well:

If that doesn’t do it for you, allow son of Nazi collaborator Prescott Bush, ex head of the CIA, and Skull and Bones member:

George Herbert Walker Bush

Lay it out for you in plain terms:


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really nice summary 🙂