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Horgan’s heroes

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The Big Harma coup, with the backing of the trillions from Globocap, is the de facto government everywhere.

It stunning when you follow the money.

B.C. Premier John Horgan claims that he acts in the best interests of the residents of the Province. Supposedly, eliminating freedom and medical autonomy are all done in the name of the public good. But is that really the case? Are Horgan and his associates truly bumbling fools, or is there something more nefarious at play?


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We’ve lost 20 months and counting of life

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Having, over the past 20 months, not seen many people they used to see, I wonder if people are experiencing, or soon will experience, a Rip Van Winkle Reaction to the rediscovery of various extended family members, friends and activities. It’s as if we’ve been socially/experientially asleep during the Scamdemic, and will find it disorienting to have lost a 20 month slice of normal life. Those you haven’t seen for that long will look different: older and perhaps heavier. So will you and I.


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Taxpayer funded genocide

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Wonder where a pregnant woman would get the idea to inject poison into her body whole carrying a precious life?

Phollow the Pfizer money.

Many would think that the Society Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists of Canada is an independent organization, and that it has the best interests of women and families at heart. That may not be the case, as shown by some of their recommendations.


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Ischemia all the time

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The quaxxine causes ischemia on every injection: not everyone can handle the poison, so some ichemias are more acute than others.

Source: Brave nurse exposing covid vaccine and Remdesivir · Fakeotube …

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