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They really CARES for you

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Too much money to resist the Covaids game.

The CARES Act provides incentives for hospitals to use treatments dictated solely by the federal government under the auspices of the NIH. These “bounties” must paid back if not “earned” by making the COVID-19 diagnosis and following the COVID-19 protocol.

The hospital payments include:

A “free” required PCR test in the Emergency Room or upon admission for every patient, with government-paid fee to hospital.
Added bonus payment for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis.
Another bonus for a COVID-19 admission to the hospital.
A 20 percent “boost” bonus payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for use of remdesivir instead of medicines such as Ivermectin.
Another and larger bonus payment to the hospital if a COVID-19 patient is mechanically ventilated.
More money to the hospital if cause of death is listed as COVID-19, even if patient did not die directly of COVID-19.
A COVID-19 diagnosis also provides extra payments to coroners.


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Is everyone in Canada getting paid by the government?

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This house of cards will fall so hard when they find out we are not creating any real wealth.

True North Needs To Update Its Disclaimer About Being Independent…

All of that being said, if your organization is funded by the Government, be honest about it. Don’t lie, especially when it’s so easy to check out.


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Hope – in Missouri

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a missouri court just struck down the department of health and senior services covid dictates in resounding fashion. see full ruling HERE. it’s a wonderful document. when a judge starts quoting montesquieu, you know you’re in for a treat…


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How they “isolate” a virus

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How to isolate a virus:

  1. Take some snot from a sick person
  2. Put the snot in a petri dish with some monkey kidney cells
  3. Add in antibiotics that are highly toxic to kidney cells
  4. Squirt in some baby cow blood, some animal embryonic fluid and a bunch of other chemicals
  5. Starve the kidney cells
  6. When the kidney cells die, this is proof the virus has been “isolated”

Does this sound like something is being “isolated” to you?

From Daniel Roytas

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Financing our demise

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Not only are Canadian taxpayer dollars being used to finance the poisoning of Canadians and sell you it’s for your health, but they are also being used to finance your robotic replacement.

Do you want to help finance you and your children’s future demise? This is the ultimate in self hate and flagellation.

It gets even worse. Not only is this happening in Canada, but large amounts of taxpayer money are used to accelerate the collapse of the job market. The examples below are just a portion of what is being handed out under the title of “artificial intelligence”.


Here’s half a billion dollars for two companies.

AbCellera Biologics Inc. Apr. 14, 2020 $175,631,000

Scale.AI Mar. 15, 2018 $229,765,127

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Still skeptical about stillbirths?

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Statscan has been revered around the world for their accuracy.

Can we still trust them?

Hospitals in Ontario average 3 stillbirths per year < 2020. In 2021, one hospital is on track for 170 per year.

All mothers reported double Vaxx status.

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New voice tells us about divine androgyny.

Also Ab, Purpleplay, ID, Linda Curtis, Farcevalue

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