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New voice tells us about divine androgyny.

Also Ab, Purpleplay, ID, Linda Curtis, Farcevalue

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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson (@napoleon)
2 days ago

still no image attach

purple play keeps this place respectable , harumph
the lady at the end Timelesspieces was quiet but very interesting ,her names too long in my opinion which means fuckall,
is ids nightshift friend a vampire ? will Timelesspiecesrecord a bumper find out next week same bat time same bat channel,

the planets moon and sun

The Sun rules Gold 
The MoonSilver
Mercury, Quicksilver/Mercury 
Sat lead


wont get fooled agian,again ,again remember legerdemain tells the truth ,he is a monolith of villain

Last edited 2 days ago by napoleon wilson
dirtybenny (@dirtybenny)
2 days ago

Of course, Billy Shears was pushing transgenderism with the Get Back lyrics, assuming he wrote it per the narrative (unlikely)…. “Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman But she was another man All the girls around her say she’s got it coming But she gets it while she can” Many people have since claimed to be the Jo Jo and they’re not, let me put that straight! I had no particular person in mind, again it was a fictional character, half man, half woman, all very ambiguous. I often left things ambiguous, I like doing that in my songs.… Read more »

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson (@napoleon)
3 days ago

ips peaked with the canada space arm getting vaxxed