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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson(@napoleon)
1 month ago

Most people aren’t aware of what their up against ,I agree,
And lots still think life’s semi normal, I feel bad for the lad

1 month ago

I think a lot of the first-round shots were saline. Most everyone I work with got the shot and they said they had no side effects. In rounds 2 and 3 of boosters I suspect more of those are the poison and where we will see more injuries. It will be interesting to see after the holidays how my peers at work are faring. I will not be getting any of the shots and I am forced to work from home because of it. I am empathetic to anyone injured. We are dealing with evil that has no conscience. Most… Read more »

Mike D
Mike D
1 month ago
Reply to  Gabriel

This guy recommends the shot.

Mike D
Mike D
1 month ago
Reply to  Mike D

…and people keep falling for it.