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Do they really whack truth tellers?

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Don’t think they have to.

The masses are so programmed they wouldn’t know the truth it is smacked them in the face – for a year. If I was an expert witness to the truth, I’d be more likely to give up trying to tell the truth to the masses – a fact that the liars know well and just continue to lie – a bit louder.

Source: Is Omicron putting kids in the hospital?

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The New Age of Aquarius World Order

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The New Age of Aquarius World Order

Discussed in this thread;

•The imminent mass culling of humanity

•Why the Elites want ‘Truthers’ to survive this cull for the main event in 2025

•The coming Luciferian One World Religion…

h/t wildtimes3

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Frog and aluminum bits

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Here are some clues as to what’s in the clot shot.

Variants are caused by gene deletion from fake vaccines and fake tests. Stop complying to your Democide and Mark of The Beast enslavement.

Serve the war criminals (anyone pushing the death jab) with Notices of Liability.

Contact me if you need a detox protocol to remove the biological poisons we are being bombarded with because there are solutions for your health!

Source: WHO & CDC Confirm: Variants Caused By Gene Deletion And Mutation – Ariyana Love

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FAK449-Northern Tracey, Greg Wyatt

like this

Smallpox-the virus is the pus.

My Daughter’s story.

Northern Tracey’s scribblings

Isopathy Definition & Meaning – Merriam-WebsterMerriam-Webster

‘Merry’ Christmas (or is it) — Blurt

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Cardiologists are afraid or ignoring the onslaught

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I’ve said it often and loudly: children will have to die in large numbers before the mass psychosis has a chance of ending. Note I said chance. I have little confidence in members of the mass formation. EVERYONE is afraid of them. This is just as much a study of mass formation as it is of the clot shots.

Source: How we can allow doctors to speak freely about what is really going on

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