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1 month ago

This was one of the best Audoichats I’ve heard in a long time.
Great to have new voice Frogger on board. Good energy.
I hope he sticks around to help harmonise the balance. We all could learn a lot from this wisdom.

1 month ago

I’m 30 mins in, and this is such a frustrating conversation to listen to. Apparently we have to ask accept and listen to the laws and the Christian religious structure – ‘they’ are trying to get rid of it. IMO this is frustrating because you are talking about the right things but your thinking is wrong. Religion and law was yesterday’s control structure. ‘They’ controlled that too. Now however, ‘they’ have better mind control, tv and mass media. No need to program the generations, you can do it in a few weeks with a marketing blitz. Mass media is superior… Read more »