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Aids 1.0 > Covid > Aids 2.0 > Covaids · Dr Fraudci keeps to the same lie template

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He’s going to have his own special place in hell. Move over Stalin and Mengele.


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Dr Fraudci and Dr Biden trapped in their lies

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It so hard to keep your story straight when you keep lying while carrying out the biggest psyop heist in the history of the world.

Yesterday we noted the disastrous appearance of Dr. Fauci in the White House press room.


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Northern Tracey on Omicron

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They developed the new “cure” 5 months ago in Melbourne.

More proof they’re lying and don’t even try to hide it.

Then today a very weird news article which comes up on microsofts pocket page so will be getting a LOT of exposure. I thought I’d take the sections of it that screamed at me, or rather had me screaming at my screen but sometimes chuckling. It is full of hints and sci-fi style drama which need breaking down and explaining.


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Where the digital vaccine passport leads

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Another sentient being speaks endgame.


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