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tyrone mccloskey
tyrone mccloskey
1 month ago

I ran the gauntlet because I was the youngest, the youngest do not kid, and my moral elders were hypocrites and to survive I had to instinctively know the letter of the law and call the bigger mammals on their bullshit (do as I say, not as I do). Cut to adulthood and I was armed to the teeth to survive the shit storm of propaganda because of this organic training. I have no respect for presumptive authority.

1 month ago

apologies – I think i may have planted the idea of Higherside Chats and Guard railing. Then i remembered JLB has been a guest himself. oops..

1 month ago

JLB has a knack for asking Ab good questions and taking the conversation into unexpected directions. I applaud his idea of collecting questions to ask Ab… will be an interesting listen, for sure.

John le Bon
John le Bon(@john-le-bon)
1 month ago

Thanks to Ab once again for the chat and for all he does here. To the gentleman whose bumper played at the end, my ‘who was that’ comment came across as disrespectful, I apologise for that. The clip of Sarah we played was from this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0s402…

1 month ago

Tim, please see if you can get Sara on for an interview. That is the person Jon played the audio from the bot. I think that would be a great discussion and to hear her viewpoint why we became aware. I know what triggered me to question things but I am not sure if that is a common reason others become aware. I would also like to hear her viewpoint if in reflection it was worth it to become aware. Sometimes it feels like a worse trauma to see the truth and how contrived everything is and contemplating how many… Read more »