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FAK432-Tiago Fernando of Silenced Voices of Canada

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Adrienne Clarkson

What is retroductive platonic logic and what fundamental questions does it apply to?



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Great chat with the Aussie gang – Wheyfarer, Anounceofsalt, Esoterick, and American Farcevalue, UK member Soloman.

Special thanks to Farcevalue and Critical Syncer for their donations – as well as Peter S. on this day!


AG Series – Overview – Interfaces – Synthesizers & Stage Pianos – Products – Yamaha – Canada – English

Canadian deaths only show until 2019 – Deaths, by monthClose live chat

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7 year olds stroking out

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Will children dying wake the dead to this vaxocaust?

This morning, I got a text message from a very experienced nurse friend of mine. It was the first time in her career she’s ever heard of a 7-year-old with a stroke, hemorrhaging in her brain. It happened just 7 days after the FIRST jab.

Source: FDA/CDC whistleblower wanted: Name your price

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