FAK432-Tiago Fernando of Silenced Voices of Canada

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Adrienne Clarkson

What is retroductive platonic logic and what fundamental questions does it apply to?



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1 month ago

I think we would be better off listening to James Corbett’s solutions [solution watch]. Good luck with forex trading after the digital currency is ushered in. I thought Tiago was short of deep analysis – e.g. what set off the alarm bells that all was not right in the financial system was the Repo market spike in September 2019 which occurred shortly after all the big players got together at Jackson Hole and decided what was to be done. [see John Titus’ videos] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Septembe… He seemed unaware of where Klaus and Carstens and all their young global leaders are taking… Read more »

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1 month ago

Good chat. One thing, I don’t think retroduction or abduction is quite as explained. Following back a trail eg ‘who tells business leaders what to do -> the politicians, who tells politicians what do etc’ is deduction. Abduction/retroduction is more of an imaginative exercise, when we don’t have much data but do have a conclusion. What hypothesis could explain what we find? Eg with 911 we can deduce that the story of the planes crashing into the towers is false, but don’t know the actual case. Having done all the verification/deduction we can do and swept aside all the lies,… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  YouCanCallMeAl

Having listened to the end, while it’s interesting to hear about the finance side, I’m far from convinced about his solutions.

It seems clear to me that he is a system guy. He is upset that he can’t make money. His solutions (make money, use lawyers, become a programmer, use Google ad sense, etc) augment the system that he purports to be fighting. How could that work?

Cy Oppenheimer
Cy Oppenheimer
1 month ago

Maybe we get lucky and it’s two steps forward, one back. Joan Veon’s
Video -“When Central Banks Rule the World” predicted much.