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Okee dokee pig in a pokey.

With Jonnyslist, Wheyfarer, Velocet, Ab, Farcevalue, Sarahhhha

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napoleon wilson
4 months ago

Last edited 9 days ago by napoleon wilson
John le Bon
4 months ago

Just finished listening. Excellent fakeologist call. This is what FAC1000 should have been. One of Frank’s finest performances. Terrific contributions from others, especially Sarah. Joel’s theory about ‘landfills’ made for brilliant conspiritainment, delivered perfectly. Ab’s instant denial raises questions, is Ab a recycling conspiracy gatekeeper paid shill? Frank’s theory about the pxpy / egi Aussie politician, the laughs from the crowd, that was a classic bit. Bravo. I think we would all love a return of FART, who else will chip in to make it worth the lad’s while? I’m in for $20 per month.

napoleon wilson
5 months ago

i feel for farcevalue and ab is obviously expecting the same treatment soon,

and as for the idiotic test which is perputuating this pantomime ,what is the answer ,refuse the test maybe? take it and pretend ? thus keeping the labs and makers of the tests in business aswell as the narrative , i,d walk! im not joking ,but i have no one to support

is there a difference between wearing a mask or taking a test ,we know this is unacceptable in an ideal world and yet here we are

another fantastic audio

napoleon wilson
5 months ago

some good opinions from sarah, obviously 911 wasnt fake though unless you are asked to believe the official story without using the millenium fall-con 2001 satr wars clues then its all true to quote obi wan “Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.” / “The truth is often what we make of it; you heard what you wanted to hear, believed what you wanted to believe.” … And that perspective will determine our truths and our beliefs,

so neither fake or gay

napoleon wilson
9 days ago

napoleon wilson
5 months ago

starts off full pelt with rick assessing degrees of controlled opposition ,i think we all agree it gets easier the more you know,(the more you know) ive got lazy with the arrival of baby yoda ,thank god we know we can discern that not everyone is controlled ,but in the same breath theres lots of pathways for all these types controlled or not, johnnylist is skeptical aswell as usual hahaha johnny is fantastic ,and as always food for thought ,because hrdpar,s are good ways to introduce influencers ( do we need telling or showing ones from the past ?),as we… Read more »

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