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Vaccine Slaughter

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It’s not an accident. It’s not a coincidence. It’s not even an anticipated, but regrettable side effect. It is the primary objective.
The head of Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica said the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people


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Cognitive dissonance on steroids

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please tell me why you aren’t against injection poisoning when your heart is now likely permanently damaged? You have quaxxine dead or injured people in your immediate circle yet you are most afraid of a label? This level of cognitive dissonance needs to be researched.

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incipient canadian fascism as harbinger for the totalitarian world tour

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Our drama teacher speaks in French when he doesn’t want to be heard.

Canadian PMs always save their best material for French interviews. That way it won’t reach the majority English in any meaningful way. ALL BY DESIGN.


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