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Covidians can’t turn back now

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Looking forward to the shaved heads marching down to the courthouse…

brains are breaking right now. you can hear the shrieks and sputtering and smell the burning wires.

that’s what cognitive dissonance does because it is first and foremost a defense mechanism.

if you hold a view with sufficient strength and commitment, especially if this is a view you have woven into your identify and proudly promulgated to others, hectoring and posing and portraying it as virtue, letting go is no mean feat.


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Guest on JLB 1-4-22

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JLB has great content and great members – check out this free call and this rest of his site.

Are you more interested in doom-based discussion or are you partial to some high quality hopium? One ‘Dr Malone’ recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast to spill the beans on muh coronas… but did he really? Is there any way that the people who run the show could justify to you their actions over the past two years?

Source: Member Discord Call | S3 E4 | Doom vs Hopium (4-Jan-2022) – John le Bon

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Dr. Lorraine Day on the virus hoax

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85 years old and they still haven’t got rid of her what an amazing voice.

The Realist Report – Dr. Lorraine Day

2021-12-28 by The Realist Report

Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1332…
Episode: ia601408.us.archive.org/22/ite…

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Dr. Lorraine Day to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 “pandemic” and the implementation of a worldwide medical tyranny. Dr. Day and I discuss the history of vaccines, public health, and the formation of a medical monopoly centered around allopathic medical practices. We also address the Biblical nature of the COVID-19 “pandemic” and how Christians should view the systematic promotion of vaccines, face masks, and other invasive medical interventions on the public. Check out Dr. Day’s website The Good News About God!

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