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FAK454-Greg Wyatt and Jan 6

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Smallpox-the virus is the pus.

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Another good Allen comment

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There was an is no pandemic. It’s all fraud. There’s nothing to “vaccinate” against or “boost” for.

Covid is 100% bullshit. Delta is complete bat shit nonsense.Omicron is complete horse shit.

All variants of the same Pharma fabricated shit story.

What we are dealing with here (BTW SARS 1 was a complete fiction also) are invented pathogens but not invented in any lab but from boardrooms of psychotic billionaires and foisted onto the public by reliable crooks like Christian Drosten and Co.

These elusive virii are “confirmed” to be existential threats through bogus PCR “tests” (PCR is NOT a test) and the illusion of genomic sequencing.

Then the bought off mass media dutifully do their jobs by catapulting the fear into the scientifically illiterate and incurious masses and voila.

Covid-19 is not an epidemiological story it is the grandest Ponzi scheme in history making the “War on Terror” look like nickel and dime stuff.

It’s all lies from top to bottom.

2010: world population – 6,843,522,711; world deaths – 54,500,000; percentage of deaths per population – .796%

2011: world population – 7,041,194,301; world deaths – 54,640,000; percentage of deaths per population – .776%

2012: world population – 7,125,828,059; world deaths – 54,840,000; percentage of deaths per population – .769%

2013: world population – 7,210,581,976; world deaths – 55,090,000; percentage of deaths per population – .764%

2014: world population – 7,295,290,765; world deaths – 55,410,000; percentage of deaths per population – .759%

2015: world population – 7,379,797,139; world deaths – 55,822,989; percentage of deaths per population – .756%

2016: world population – 7,464,022,049; world deaths – 56,331,837; percentage of deaths per population – .754%

2017: world population – 7,547,858,925; world deaths – 56,935,173; percentage of deaths per population – .754%

2018: world population – 7,631,091,040; world deaths – 57,625,149; percentage of deaths per population – .755%

2019: world population – 7,713,468,100; world deaths – 58,394,378; percentage of deaths per population – .757%

2020: world population – 7,794,798,739; world deaths – 59,230,795; percentage of deaths per population – .759%

Booster efficacy (or lack thereof) visualizationComment

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Never been about a virus

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It’s never been about health. Viruses are inate and save, they don’t infect. Contagion is a myth. The end game is the life passport, where a central polit bureau controls your every move, who you see, what you eat, where you work, what on and where you spend their money. This is hidden in plain site. The injections are a trojan horse that are likely injuring and killing people that beg for their dose. They will stop when the demand stops. By then your life passport will be fully entrenched, and you’ll see the prison that the duped built. Some will be happy, many won’t. The haves will lose everything, the have nots will get their life support.
It’s frustrating watching the masses reconcile the health contradictions that are so apparent cuz of the false paradigm. Everyone has had two years to read the WEF plan, yet they are still stuck in the virus vaccine unresolvable loop.


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Greg on the Del hunt

likes this

In one project, CHCR partnered with Colorado University researchers to improve provider-level communication and recommendation for the HPV vaccine for adolescent patients.


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