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if it’s not inalienable, it’s not a right

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but it’s not.

sometimes, there can be no compromise, no middle way.

people like to play the “reasonable” card and claim this is not so and that it’s some kind of edge-lord extremist position.


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The Price Of Freedom – Illusions Destroyed

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What it means to be free? What is freedom? Do you deserve it? Does your family and kids deserve to be free? What is the price of freedom? What it means to be human? Do humans deserve to be free? All the important questions. People keep looking at what is happening around them and they do everything but asking themselves these questions or they simply refuse to answer them. They do not understand that they already hold all the answers to what is happening around them. All they see is fear. They are consumed by it, and yes, even many of those who see through the deception and the web of lies.


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COVaids 19 passengers phony story

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A fake story to compliment the biggest fake story of all time.

Air Canada said Thursday afternoon that it’s so far blocked 19 people from flying because they were linked to the group, but that it can be difficult to screen them out.


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They speak. You obey.

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Big pHarma ex-spurts, says Northern Tracey.

I think this old meme illustrates perfectly how they would like it to be. They speak, you listen and obey. The more they take the mickey out of ‘conspiracy theorists’ the more conspiracies are unleashed. I’ve been watching all the new ones cropping up and trying to gleen what I can from the info deluge. What is factual and what is assumption. What are these ‘crazy’ ‘conspiracy nuts’ basing their findings on? Some of them are ‘geneticists’, immunologists, scientists and have had nothing to do with ‘conspira

Source: Experts-Who Do You Listen To? — Blurt

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Chris Sky Update 1-7-2022 · Fakeotube – by Anon

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Imagine an interview where the host doesn’t speak.
Chris lays out the plan better than anybody, and barely takes a breath.

Source: Chris Sky Update 1-7-2022 · Fakeotube – by Anon

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End of the Kevin J. Johnston show ?

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I’ve followed this show for the past year and enjoyed it – now it’s starting to look like a LARP.

Racist former Calgary mayoral candidate Kevin J. Johnston has been arrested in the U.S. after failing to show up to a Toronto courthouse to begin serving an 18-month jail term for violating an Ontario judge’s hate speech order.


Kevin’s (final) plea (for money) – even Pat King smells a rat.


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