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Fakeologist Position on 5G

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3G/4G now 5G – burning tower misdirection was all the same for each of these new bandwidths.

By William Ward
Too bad the writer providing the preamble (at saveusnow.org.uk) had to add the 5G nonsense to this. Credibility is so hard to win and so easy to lose. All of the 5G and nanobot claims are pure science fantasy with literally zero practical evidence to support it. There are plenty of mechanisms of injury from basic biochemistry that we can point to with the COVID injections (with their adjuvants and LNPs). 5G and nanobots simply take our eyes off of the real target, and divide our efforts.

To anyone who fears 5G, I offer you this insight:

5G is almost identical to 4G. And for that matter, 3G and 2G.

5G is deployed in the same general frequency bands as 4G. 5G has the future option to use much higher frequency bands than are currently used. However, frequencies in the tens of gigahertz do not propagate very well in humid air (or when raining) and do not penetrate solid objects well. These waves cannot penetrate your walls or windows. An external antenna will be required to receive the signal. Then an active device will be required to amplify it and retransmit it inside of a building or vehicle using a wire. Then it must be broadcast again, likely at a lower frequency. These higher frequencies can only penetrate human skin about 0.5mm.

5G uses a different quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) scheme that allows more bits per symbol. It allows more data to be packed into the same signal. This is done by being able to discriminate finer and finer voltage differences in a modulated amplitude. Its like being able to measure 1/64 inch vs 1/8 inch. The differences are in the microvolt range (millionths of a volt). 4G may be able to differentiate differences that are 100, 200 or 300 microvolts, for example, whereas 5G may be able to differentiate 103 microvolts from 104 microvolts. A human cell or molecule is not designed to register a difference between a 100 microvolt and 103 microvolt 2GHz signal. So there are no logical reasons why 5G is any different to 4G from a biological perspective.

The goal of 5G is to get antennas deployed closer to the users such that there are less users on each antenna. The benefit to this is that the RF power level can be turned way DOWN, if the users are nearby. The transmitted energy only needs to be high enough to reach your home from the street lamp (where the 5G antenna is) vs from a 4G tower 5 miles away. The person living near that 4G tower gets blasted with much higher RF energy because it needs to also reach people far away. The goal of 5G is to transmit at a high enough power that those nearby can receive it, but a low enough power so that nearby cells/antennas do NOT receive it. Energy from a neighboring cell is simply NOISE that reduces the usable bandwidth. So 5G gives you less RF energy, not more.

This is a map of the frequency spectrum allocation in the USA:

Click to access United_States_Frequency_Allocations_Chart_2016_-_The_Radio_Spectrum.pdf

5G is but a tiny sliver of spectrum on that chart.

So, either (please for your own sanity) stop fearing 5G, or decide it’s time to completely lose your mind when you realize you have been swimming in a sea of electromagnetic energy for your entire life. I suggest the former. Despite having searched for and read countless studies on the biological effects of low energy RF, I have not found one with merit. They either completely fail to properly measure and quantify the energy received or they use absurd energy levels equivalent to living inside of a running microwave oven or MRI machine.

Please. It’s time to stop propagating fears about 5G. Focus on the real threats.

Source: Over 1,000 studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals say the vaccines are dangerous

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Wheels coming off the bus

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Green shoots.

UK ITU Doctor Confronts UK Health Secretary about Mandatory Vaccinations

Bill Gates is my favorite hand waving expert.
The banker is lucky his head is already shaved.
Saves some time before he’s marched down to the Masonic square for sentencing.


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Should have called it fully charged

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Fraudci and CDC should employ younger people to do their marketing. Instead of up-to-date they should have used the phone model of fully charged. All young people are familiar with the idea of keeping their phone fully charged.

Your phones’ charged percentage is a great indicator of your personality and personal habits.

“We’re using the terminology now ‘keeping your vaccinations up to date,’ rather than what ‘fully vaccinated’ means,” White House chief medical adviser Anthony S. Fauci said during a National Institutes of Health lecture Tuesday. “Right now, optimal protection is with a third shot of an mRNA or a second shot of a J&J.”


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COVaids Injectable Hearing and vision damage

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The injectables travel directly to the brain stem via the white blood cells, from which your 12 cranial nerves emanate. These all control your senses and head function. These same nerves are damaged with childhood vaccines. We call that autism. My great hope is that this injectable will start a vaccine abolitionist movement.

Hearing and balance:




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