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Car kill switch

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Hi, I think your show is very good.
I wanted to take a moment to tell you about something. The other night I read that all new cars will have a kill switch. Which leads me to something that I may have figured out. I have a 15 year old ford car. Ford has been sending me a recall notice for the air bags almost weekly for 4 years, and still sending them. I had lived in Mississippi at one point during this time period , and they went so far as to mail me a fake warning from the Mississippi state safety dept stating that I would be fined if I didn’t comply with this recall. In the fine print at the bottom of the letter was a copyright for Ford. My car was recalled twice for the airbags back when it was new in 2007. Long story short I think these recalls on older cars are for a kill switch . I mentioned this recall to a few people and they all said , yeah I’m getting recall letters in the mail too. All different makes and models . These people have older cars too. I may be very mistrusting these days, but I’ll never go in or have them come over(which they offer) ever. Just another angle I wanted to possibly point out.

Mark H.

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FAK455-Truthers in Canada going down with Tiago

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Why I Believe Rocco Galati Is Controlled Opposition – Canuck Law

Silenced Voices of Canada

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Heroes going down in Canada

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Canada’s freedom fighters going down like dominoes.

Mark Freisen “had Covid” and is still recovering.

Kevin J Johnston runs for the border at -35C, gets returned to Canada, and is back in Calgary remand.

Now Rocco is in ICU – I’m sure we know what he’s in for.

Only Patrick King and Chris Sky left it seems, among the big names.

Chris is being “outed” as vaXXed. He denies it here.

This is a very intense and all out psyOp. They are not relenting.

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FAC1015-Rick and Rollo

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  • Anounceofsaltperday

anounceofsaltperday — 01/08/2022
Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report
Rollo — 01/08/2022
Molly’s Game (2017) – IMDb
Molly’s Game: Directed by Aaron Sorkin. With Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, Michael Cera. The true story of Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier who ran the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game and became an FBI target.

anounceofsaltperday — 01/08/2022
96.1 The Breeze
Henry Winkler – a.k.a. ‘The Fonz’ Gets Knighted
Sometimes you think you know everything about a celebrity. And then you find out you don’t. Case in point: Henry Winkler, who received an honorary

rachel — 01/08/2022

Covidians can’t turn back now

Covidians can’t turn back now
Looking forward to the shaved heads marching down to the courthouse… brains are breaking right now. you can hear the shrieks and sputtering and smell the burning wires. that’s what cognitive …
Red Rider
“Can’t Turn Back”

Knew he was a misfit
Since the age of seventeen

He had to do it his way they said
He should be quarantined
He went looking to the East
He went looking to the West
He was looking for the courage
To see which way was the best.

Can’t turn back
Oh no

Look out on his right
He would look out on his left
He would look out in the distance
Where he could see the wilderness
When the thunderhead approached
He would pull off to the side
And when the sun broke through
He would get back out and ride

Cause you can’t turn back…

Try to see the forest for the trees
The wind storm for the breeze
No one ever said that it would be that easy
You make your way through the debris
Cling to your beliefs
Even though the world might say your crazy

He always had the feeling
He would get back out alive
But the more that he sees of it
Then the less he fantasizes
Though he’s lost a bit of freedom
He has traded it for love
Knows that he’d fight for it
If that push came to shove

Cause you can’t turn back…
anounceofsaltperday — 01/08/2022

Krazy Asian Meats Vegetation
‘Pig-saver’ ham 2.0, Vegan ham, No smoker? – No worries!
molly — 01/08/2022
Listening quietly
TopNotchEnergies — 01/08/2022
liked when they said number one “with a bullet”
1. Of a song, number-one on Billboard Magazine’s charting system and still gaining in terms of sales or playtime on the radio. (The “bullet” in this phrase refers to an icon placed next to a song that makes rapid progress in the charts.)
molly — 01/08/2022
What about Canadian Neil Young Seen the needle and the damage done?
TopNotchEnergies — 01/08/2022
how about a name that tune segment for rick and rollo –
rod stewart supposedly got his stomach pumped of sperm back in the day. pre internet worldwide rumor
Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1979
This is a list of Billboard magazine’s Top Hot 100 songs of 1979. The Top 100, as revealed in the year-end edition of Billboard dated December 22, 1979.

smj — 01/08/2022

Rod went on benders in brasil with other faggoty types per the narrative. That’s where he found his most successful sound.

It was an attack on masculinity. That’s why rollo loves it of course…

Vinyl Me, Please
The Time Rod Stewart Accidentally Stole A Jorge Ben Song
It’s mid-1978, and Rod Stewart was, as he often was in those days, in the studio working on a new album with no finished songs, pulling together sessions for Blondes Have More Fun. As he says in his tremendously readable autobiography, Rod, he hardly ever went into the studio with anything ready in those days. He’d stand in front of his band, an…

TopNotchEnergies — 01/08/2022

Law Offices of Phillips & Hunt
Happy Days – Fonzie Jumps the Shark, creating an expression for dec…
smj — 01/08/2022
And in turn mad mike Hughes became a super Dave take off.
purplePlay — 01/08/2022
Sad Eyes, horrible song @Fakeologist
Goes to show that Billboard was aconstruct marketing, have we not learned that lesson as Fakologists? @anounceofsaltperday
anounceofsaltperday — 01/08/2022
how could i agree more?
smj — 01/08/2022
Popular music should be in the egi channel. It’s what got us to this hellish point.
purplePlay — 01/08/2022
Top40 was another list of the music mafia
TopNotchEnergies — 01/08/2022
it was all merit – payola was “illegal” @purplePlay
purplePlay — 01/08/2022
If you did not like it there was psychic driving , played every hour the same. Songs
Sorry sleeping?
anounceofsaltperday — 01/08/2022

Japan Revokes All Va##ine Mandates, Places Myocarditis Warning on Label

Constitution Watch
Japan Revokes All Va##ine Mandates, Places Myocarditis Warning on L…
Rollo — 01/08/2022
I agree with ab , leave those guinea pigs alone…
My non vaxxed doggie with her Christmas bow tie on.
TopNotchEnergies — 01/08/2022
discord connection is better than cell phones
Rollo — 01/08/2022
Heh rollo doesn’t listen…no insult taken
@anounceofsaltperday night night sweat dreams of me ?

Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of …
anounceofsaltperday — 01/08/2022
Google Docs
Rollo — 01/08/2022
Very enjoyable chat…


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