Incredible data universe being built

likes this

Adam has another podcast, and this one is outstanding.

Slim with Adam Curry

2021-11-12 by Adam Curry & Slim

Web player:…

Slim With Adam Curry for November 10th 2021 Episode #8 Download the mp3 Podcast Feed ShowNotes Texas Slim @moderntman Mark Cuban on in-ground sensors Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) | FDA K&C Cattle Co. Beef Initative Cargill family – Wikipedia Room 641A – Wikipedia Harvest of Deception – by Texas Slim’š–🧰 – Texas Slim Initiative Newsletter Texas Panhandle – Wikipedia Oshi App Music in this Episode Blake Shelton – God’s Country – 11 seconds Keith Urban – Texas Time – 21 seconds Image Credit With Adam Curry Home

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12 days ago

Private intelligence has always been part of the intelligence agencies. Insurance industry exists to gather data for intelligence. See recent leak from OneAmerica. At one point, the Larouche organization was one of the biggest intelligence gathering fronts. Being headquartered in the DC area, they got local access to politicians, generals, defense contractors, etc. They would make pals with some low level politician, call him up and just get him talking. They would take some notes and then call some low level general and mention that they had heard such and such from some politician and get him talking. Then maybe… Read more »

12 days ago


I hadn’t heard about AJ being a Stratfor mouth piece. ???

12 days ago

great podcast