NHS Doctor tells UK HELLth secretary no vax for him

likes this

Is this the break in the Dr. dam?
At least the HELLth secretary’s head is already shaved for when he’s marched down the hearings at Trafalgar square.

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12 days ago

Yes indeed, a veeeerrrry eeeenteresting piece of theatre. Hugo Talks has dared suggest that it was staged [which of course it was] Does that mean that Hugo is controlled? odysee.com/@hugotalks:8/Sky-Do… The photographer Stefan Rousseau [see i-news link below] was behind the consultant anaesthetist when the Sky TV cameras were rolling. Rousseau also tweeted this additional rather cosy photo which suggests that Dr Steve didn’t just barge in unannounced twitter.com/StefanRousseau/sta… It’s hard to know how they will managed this – already a [faux?] hit piece has been arranged on Dr Steve inews.co.uk/news/health/nhs-tr… NHS colleagues condemned Dr James with one senior medic… Read more »

13 days ago

8 pages of Google links to this story worldwide…think that’s by chance. I don’t. This anesthetist is either a useful stooge or another member of their hive, I favor the latter. As the BBC then fact checks the doctor and finds him to have the “psi-ence” wrong. “the science is not strong enough”  according to Dr. James. “Dr James says he is not against all Covid vaccination but feels he was framed as such online, after opposing compulsory jabs.He describes himself as “pro-choice and pro-vaccine“, saying his point was specifically about the science behind the mandate not the vaccine itself.”… Read more »

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson(@napoleon)
13 days ago

tiago,s opinion on this charade was good ,im paraphrasing ,it went a little like this ……go fuckyourself !!!

so thats was nice

ab it was real ,it was a limp wrist doctor spouting antebody soundbytes on camera ,brainwashed by media i suspect, let alone what he should have said to do with vaccine damage

i say vax the young doctor for being a coward

Last edited 13 days ago by napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson(@napoleon)
13 days ago

our brightest will demolish this stunt but it never the less should be shown ,we are surfing a wave of lies set up by the artistocrats and their knowledge of how we work and using honest opinions guide the narrative , so lets highlite it for what it is too litlle too late

cheers ab