Has Steve Kirsch flipped?

likes this

Wow – so much truth in so little time. Is he really on our side?

Looks like we’re at the fork in the road with Steve, and he’s going down the dark side with 0;it doesn’t matter” and “trust the experts.”

Someone asked: The real question is … has it been isolated from a HUMAN subject w/o passing it through (say) Monkey Kidney Cells? Because there is plenty of evidence out there that says it hasn’t been isolated directly (no intermediaries) from a HUMAN subject. The answer is it doesn’t matter. For example, Sabine Hazan verified that the sequence of the virus obtained from ATCC matched exactly what she found in people who have the virus.

Source: Has the virus been isolated? Yes.

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10 months ago

Steve Kirsch has said a lot of things that resonate with me but he’s constantly on about assuming the virus and its variant etc as real, or suggesting that his readers do or should do so. He misses obvious dots that should logically be connected imo. Controlled op, misdirectionalist… a good one no doubt. I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to him 2 or 3 times, but I’m officially done with his programming.

10 months ago

There is a line in the sand: realology versus fakeology. Steve is an obvious realologist, as are the vast majority of those publicly speaking out about the scam. For whatever reason, even those whose question many things, are simply unable to cross the line and see the fake reality for what it is. What a preposterous thing to say that it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t isolated. And how preposterous to say things like I am not a virologist therefore I trust/listen to the experts!! If your mechanic told you you needed 8 tires for your sedan would you listen… Read more »