Bio-surveillance on the blockchain

likes this

You will be monitored and tested, if you submit.
Keiran writes:

Kieran Zimmer, [1/11/20 10:38 PM]
1. Establish that early treatment is important. Make sure the public believes that this is a crucial issue
2. Scientists discover that the hormone fabrication rises 48 hours before symptoms of covid appear
3. Scientists develop a continuous hormone monitor that you wear and can also detect fabrication
4. The public is convinced that they need to wear the hormone monitor at all times to participate in society. Bodily autonomy is already a thing of the past.
5. Hormone and blood solute levels actually do correlate with health, and can tell you things like if you’ve just eaten (insulin)
6. This information goes onto the blockchain and facilitates social impact investing on health outcomes
7. ???
8. Biosurveillance slave state


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4 days ago

Sounds so much better than having to do tests all the time to find out if you have omicron!

(Unprompted, this is literally what people around me are doing. Dutifully telling me they have tested positive etc. )

So absolutely, if you can have a mini lab on your phone or something that saves you having to do that, that’s a big win!! Where do sheep sign up?

Last edited 4 days ago by YouCanCallMeAl