Lies doctors tell: The Tetanus Shots

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My last shot was a tetanus in 2020 – before I realized ALL vaccines were toxic. At that point I though just new ones were insane to take.

Boy was I wrong. 3 weeks later I was on the floor, wanting to die. Never had that feeling before, but I’m sure as an infant I had the same experience.

If only 6 month olds could elucidate – vaccines would have been abolished before they got going.

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11 days ago

I always have counted my blessings that I was born into a family that was anti-allopath on both sides. The only needle that ever pierced my skin was the poke in the heel as a newborn to draw a little blood to identify the type. Never once has any chemical brew been injected into my body. The only medication I’ve ever taken was a single Tylenol pill once and I felt really dirty for taking it although in the greatest pain I’d ever felt. I was born away from the hospital and raised naturally. As I grew up, I went… Read more »