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Talking to Graphene Lemming today, he points out this website. (FAC will be released later).

January 20
17: Argentine government agency admits COVID vaccines contain graphene oxide
16: La Quinta Columna issues report on microtechnology found in Pfizer vials
15: Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger on Bio-hacking
14: Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger on graphene oxide, parasites, and transistors found in vaccines
13: Effectiveness of shungite stone for protection from electromagnetic radiation
12: La Quinta Columna prepares a report on microtechnology in Pfizer’s vaccine
11: Grounding helps reduce damage from electromagnetic waves amplified by graphene
10: Electromagnetic fields, graphene oxide, and arrhythmias
09: Identification of graphene, self-assemblies, and micro-technology
08: Athletes with cardiac problems after vaccination
07: Electromagnetic pulse causes man’s death
06: Effect of graphene oxide on myocytes when stimulated by external electromagnetic waves
05: Electromagnetic Nano-networks in the TeraHertz band
04: This is how the inoculated microtechnology would self-assemble inside the body
03: Complex microtechnology in Pfizer vaccine
02: Microtechnology in Pfizer’s vaccine
01: Happy New Year 20

Source: Archive – ORWELL CITY

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4 months ago

These La Quinta Columna guys are frauds. See Whitney Webbs thorough takedown of them.


Last edited 4 months ago by napoleon wilson
Voodoo Denier
Voodoo Denier
3 months ago
Reply to  pooanon

my intuition says the same, but I can’t justify why…